As someone who has had the privelege of serving in in the Marine Corps, I always enjoy helping men, women and families that are part of our armed forces.  Any way I can show appreciation whether it's a thank you for what they do or when it comes to buying and selling a home I help make the transistion smoother.  One important aspect of being a military family is the fact that they are military and in most cases means that there is a level of commitment that they have to people they work with whether it's to one another, other service members or to a real estate agent.  This is proven through data gathered by Ellie Mae Origination Insight Report and highlighted by a recent article on that points out "VA purchases closed rate of 73.0%, significantly higher than FHA purchases at 62.1% and conventional purchases at 68%." "What does this mean for agents? It means that VA loans, just like the military personal that use them are reliable and VA buyers are more likely to close on their home once under contract."

Who can say no to that?

I love to work with anyone who is serving or that served and as a show of my appreciation I will contribute $1,000 from my commission which will be applied towards closing costs on the purchase of a home.

Sempre Fi