Efficiency, services, price, value and location are good reasons for buying a home in suburban Northern Virginia. I left out the most important reason, to have a home for my family! Currently I am a walking advertisement for Ryan homes who is building my home, my real estate agent who helped me find the home, Virginia, Northern Virginia and the U.S.A. I am building in Gainesville, VA after being overseas for 3 years. Coming back was a great idea and we feel it was perfect timing, good planning and some good luck that has made the move back easy even with two toddlers.
I have had surprisingly good luck lately and some nice coincidences - almost too many!

I am not sure if it is luck or good decision making that has made our move from Cyprus back to Northern Virginia seamless, stress-free and extremely pleasant.

An example of a nicety is how quickly my wife has been able to find friends for my children and for us in such a short time since we came back from Cyprus.  When we first came back we stayed with my sister in Chantilly for about a month and then took a two bedroom apartment nearby in Centreville on a four month lease until our home was built. She met a mother with two children that are the same age as our children that have also purchased a single family home in Bristow. When we all move next month they will be living one block away from us – even closer than they are now in the apartment complex. How strange is that we move into an apartment for a four month lease and meet someone who will be our neighbor 20 miles away??

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