We have a closing day (settlement) set for the 28th of August.  After that we will be able to move into our new home. Until then I will continue to try and visit the property and take pictures of anything new the builders added or finished.

I like to show my friends (Real estate agents, builders and others in the housing industry) in Cyprus how construction is done in the U.S. and how efficient building a house can be.  I know that some of them in Cyprus will say " You use wood and wood does not need to set like cement."  True, but as I watch the schedule of all the different trades that have contributed to building my home, the organization and scheduling has been perfect.  

I see the improvements daily and am excited to see my Savoy model taking shape.

Here are some of the photos I took this week:

         Light are installed in the kitchen - Interior walls are Painted

          Bathrooms are tiled

          Front porch columns are in place and being painted

         The Lights are on

          Did I already say the lights are on?

          Two story foyer with chandelier

          I love the red brick with the black shutters

            The yard is graded

          August 13 - Asphalt driveway being paved

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