There is a 45 day and 1 year inspection that Ryan homes does for new home buyers after the closing.  This helps the home owners to locate any mishaps in the building process that were over looked at the original pre-move-in inspection. It is very difficult to notice everything in one walk through, so the 45 days gives plenty of time to go through everything and ensure everything is taken care of and in proper working order.

We have a few minor issues that we noticed and some that happened from just normal settling of the property. In both cases our builder has been exceptionally helpful.  The major item on our list was the flooring, we picked the builder grade vinyl flooring which had a hole in it be]fore we moved in. We informed our project manager immediately and before the 45 day inspection there was another three holes.  At first they said that the flooring company who installed it would come back and patch it and we would not notice. We were ok with that at first but after thinking about it we decided that would not be satisfactory to have a new house with patched floor, even if it was not apparent. Also, who knows how many more holes would apear. So we requested that we get new flooring altogether. At first they said that the flooring company can't do it because the wholes may have been caused by objects falling on the floor or something we did.  We just thought normal wear and tear shoudl not create holes in the floor.  We asked if they could do what ever they needed to do because we didn't find it acceptable.  Finally we were informed that the flooring company agreed to have the flooring removed and that we can pick a new linoleum from their showroom. We would have to pay for the difference for anything that is more costly and that is fine as it might make sense to upgrade now rather than later.

Another issue was settling of the ground around the house that caused the walk way leading to our front porch to sink and a few places around the house to sink and not allowing the water not to drain properly. The concrete company removed the walkway and poured a new walkway and step. They brought the landscapers out and they took off all the sod in order to fill the ground up for proper drainage away from the house. They also replanted the tree in the backyard to a better place of my choosing and on top of that they replanted four trees that I had planted in a better place, free of charge.

Other issues that were taken care off are a squeeky floor joists that were easily fixed. A window sill that must have been exposed to water and had water log which was replaced. Minor caucking in a few places were re-cauked and the last thing was adjustments of a closet door that scraped against the wall when it closed.  Overall , these are fairly minor and have been easy to fix.  We have friends around the area that have used other builders and we have to say that we feel that we lucked out by choosing Ryan Homes to build our home in Bristow!